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Professional development is fun. I enjoy it because I want to continue growing in my career and taking this journey to higher heights. As it is, and I’ve blogged about this before, there are not a lot of Black people or people of color in creative fields — especially in Kansas City — compared to our white counterparts. Networks like MimConnect, The CCYN Network and ColorComm are all collectives I follow consistently to find resources for Black communications professionals across the country to continue growing and learning together. …

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Who would’ve thought when 2020 began that we’d all be working round clock to manage the same crises? As small businesses and organizations start cutting back budgets to maintain some savings with shutdowns and scaled-back products and services, many owners have found themselves taking on more communications and social media management roles. These tips, tricks and resources will help relax your nerves as you work to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.


  1. Take caution in this time of heightened sensitivity to not scare your audience with bad news, assumptions, theories or opinions. …

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The University of Kansas Athletics Department had some serious ‘splainin to do following Snoop Dogg’s performance at Allen Fieldhouse. News of the fiasco quickly spiraled as the rapper’s performance featured profanity (surprisingly, no weed), pole dancers — or acrobatic performers as they’re apparently called now — and money guns. With the department already under fire for NCAA violations, you can bet they’re in full crisis management mode right now. Rock Chalk… what the hawk?

​We’ve yet to hear a serious explanation surrounding their choice of artist for the event and, quite frankly, it doesn’t matter much at this point; but they did release a statement saying that they “expected a clean version of the show.” …


Kelsey D. Haynes

I’m a strategic communicator by day. And by night? I help create magic for brands and blog about my life experiences navigating adult life as a millennial.

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